Take Two


My Heart Lies There

by Take Two

Released 2001
Released 2001
Folk songs, traditional, modern and self penned. Imagine Burl Ives singing for Pentangle
Dave Rolfe and Kevin Arnold met in 1999 at the Unicorn Folk Club in Shropshire.
Dave was playing as a member of the Unicorn Band and was quick to add accompaniment to Kevin's vocals as he sang songs by Tom Paxton and Leonard Cohen.
Kevin, having for some years stepped back from playing in public to concentrate on bringing up a family and setting up his own business, was keen to return to the folk scene. Dave's guitar style easily merged with Kevin's vocal talents and rhythm playing to produce a natural mellow and bluesy sound which is a key feature of their music.
Within a few weeks Kevin had himself joined the Unicorn Band and for the next year the two played weekly at the Club both as band members and a duet.
Take Two was formed in June 1999 and began playing around Shropshire and the Staffordshire border area later that year. They have since gigged extensively at folk clubs and festivals and released three CDs.
Kevin and Dave play a wide and varied range of material from traditional English and Irish folk right through to American Blues. Kevin is a talented songwriter and his songs are becoming classics on the folk club circuit.